The NZ Audience Loves SAILAU

Vox pop at world premiere of SAILAU at Doc Edge International Film Festival New Zealand

With SAILAU we want to redefine adventure by telling a positive story from the second largest island in the world: New Guinea.

According to the audience at the world premiere at the Doc Edge International Film Festival in New Zealand, SAILAU succeeded. 

Many thanks to all of you who supported this project. It payed off!


We are super excited to tell you that our SAILAU film has been selected for New Zealand’s International Documentary Film Festival, Doc Edge.

My wife and I will be there for the premiere and are looking forward to meeting the audience. I might also sneak in a book signing and a camping trip.

If you are in New Zealand from late may to June you will be able to experience our epic voyage on the big screen. Hope to see you there.

NB. More festival premieres to be announced soon.

10 Tips for Exploring Ethically

Mambututu Village Papua New Guinea. Thor F. Jensen 2018.

I have made a list to guide people with aspirations to visit remote places and communities, drawing on my philosophy Redefining Adventure.

The point is, when you travel with a purpose beyond yourself, things become easier: you receive goodwill from hosts and develop meaningful relationships with locals.

And when the going gets tough you are more likely to persevere knowing others depend on your success.

Read the full article here

SAILAU Trailer

We are proud to be sharing the new trailer for our documentary film SAILAU.

The film has been submitted to various international film festivals this year so you will be able to experience the film on the silver screen whether you live in countries like, New Zealand, Denmark, UK, Canada, Australia or Papua New Guinea.

Stay updated by liking the SAILAU page on

Fundraiser for Sanakoli

Sanakoli on his beach on Nuakata Island, Milne Bay Papua New Guinea.

Hi friends, I’ve been helping master canoe sailor Sanakoli John with organising his first ever travel abroad (5 countries!).

The institutions that has invited him to come and speak has been super generous. But still, undertaking such travel is very expensive.

That’s why I have started this fundraiser so he has some pocket change and can perform to the fullest when he is representing his culture and country.

Press the button to learn more and to donate.

Reunion in Berlin

Sanakoli John and Thor F. Jensen will be speaking on their new film SAILAU at the Humboldt Forum Berlin.

Master sailor Sanakoli John, has been invited to speak at the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) in Vancouver February 2023.
(Sign up Link)

But that’s just the beginning.

Our interpid sailor will continue with a delegation of Western Pacific navigators and vessel builders to Berlin as guests of honor at a conference held by Potsdam University:

Te Ara Vaka Moana: Ancestral Voyaging Vessels and Navigation in Oceania”.
A public event that take place at the Humboldt Forum Berlin on February 16 and 17. 2023. (Sign up Link

And here comes the best part: I’ll be there to meet Sanakoli! We haven’t seen each other since we ended our circumnavigation in November 2017 – Super exciting.

Together we’ll be speaking about our new documentary SAILAU and Sanakoli will also do a presentation on Kula trade, and speak about his traditional canoe building school Pasana Group.

Slide from Sanakoli John’s presentation.

But thats’s not all, Sanakoli and the rest of the delegation continues to Greenwich UK by invitation by the Royal Institute of Navigation to present at the Royal Maritime Museum, (Sign up Link)

It has been a long haul putting this great journey together, with efforts from PNG Foreign Ministry, Potsdam University, IMPAC5 Coordinators and not least Dr Mimi George who is the unstoppable engine behind it all.

I can’t wait to follow Sanakoli’s journey on Facebook and I suggest you do the same:

Book Launch on December 15th

I’ve been thinking… how to share all the wacky and crazy experiences I’ve had living in Australia’s Northern Territory?

By making a comic book of course! 44 pages of jokes more or less based on true experiences in the NT.

The book will be available across the NT and conventional online bookstores from mid December. And I will be signing copies at The Bookshop Darwin on 15 Dec, between 10 and 12PM

You can already now pre-order you copy from .

Gennem Grand Canyon – Det Vildeste Eventyr

Gennem Grand Canyon – Det Vildeste Eventyr. Premiere September 1. 2022 on Discovery+ Denmark.

After making my own adventure films for 10 years, I finally got my first job as TV-host. I’m the expedition leader on a reality-adventure tv show on Discovery+ Denmark.

This is not your ordinary survival show. This is a celebration of adventure: how the powers of nature can enrich and change us.

During a 16 day expedition of wild rapids and stunning landscapes, 6 celebrities; Jesper Nøddesbo, Andreas Jessen, Ibi Støving, Skinz and Anne-Marie Rindom, learns to embrace the magic of nature and work together to make it through.

As a new tv host I was nervous in the beginning, but I soon realised it was more or less the same as being a tour guide: share your passion and make sure everyone has the adventure of a lifetime.

And of course, it also helped that I have shot my own adventure documentaries, learn about the latest here SAILAU

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