Thor and kay – kayaking Denmark

– Quest for The Red-White Ribbon–

DK søkort web lille

14th of June 2014 Thor and Kay launch their greatest kayak expedition so far. They will conquer The Red-White Ribbon, a token given to sea kayakers that complete the 1300K journey around Denmark by kayak – unsupported.

The expedition is first of all a celebration of the adventure. An ode to the Danish coast and it’s people. On their journey the two friends will learn about local history, encounter the coastal fauna and befriend the people living by the coast.

Sharing the adventure – as it unfolds. Thor and Kay will post daily updates (photo, video and illustration) on the web. Simultaneously they will be filming the expedition, to make a follow-up to their award winning kayak-film from 2013 “Salty Sideburns”.

The Red-White Ribbon has set some guidelines for the route, which starts by the border to Germany, on the west coast. The trip is estimated to 30 days and the Distance can vary between 1100 Kilometers to 1300 kilometers, depending on how you lay your route. As illustrated on the map above, one do not have to step foot on every major island. But. One has to be self reliant and outside support is not allowed. Read more about the regulations of the Red-White Ribbon at