Kay Polaniok

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Kay is born in Germany but lives in Copenhagen with his girlfriend. He has a background as a precision mechanic and gymnast. He is graduated outdoor instructor and work full time as kayak instructor. He is Mr. Adventure Sports. But despite being a wild child, he always keep the shirt tucked in his pants and the hair set properly. His hobby is Magic Cards – those he can talk about for hours. Kay loves the many facets of sea kayaking, but his specialty is roll and technique. Kay is officially Danish Sea kayaking champion 2012 and 2013.

About the expedition:I look forward to the physical and mental challenge. You don’t need to go across the globe to get kayak action; the Danish waters can be quite a mouthful. I think a journey around Denmark will be more inspiring since this is an environment our audience can relate to.


Thor F. Jensen

Thor 2014 CU

 Thor is a graphic artist, professional adventure guide, and nature geek. Moreover, he is an award-winning filmmaker with two kayak films behind him. He is a quiet and reflective person, who can be positive bordering to the annoying. He recognizes the aesthetics of chaos. Thor has guided dozens of multiday adventures in Venezuela, but this will be his longest kayak voyage to date.

About the expedition: I’ve been travelling to many regions abroad, but never explored my own backyard properly. By making a film in Denmark, I’ll be able to learn about my own country and share it with others. I hope for fair weather and that Kay and I will be able to share a tent for 30+ days.