Kay Polaniok


German-born Kay Polaniok is 31 years old and has been paddling since 2003. He’s educated outdoor instructor and the last four years he has worked as a kayak instructor at Kajakhotellet. Besides that he’s a part time teacher at Poul Petersen Sports Institute.  Kay spends the winter in the Alps where he lives as a ski instructor.

Kay loves the many many facets of the kayak sport , but his specialty is roll and technique, the latter gave him a 1st place at the Danish Sea Kayak Championships 2012 and 2013

Kay says about the trip to Bornholm: “I’m looking forward to the challenge, and to experience Bornholm for the first time. And then to get a lot of inspiration for my teaching.”


Thor F. Jensen

Thor F Jensen is a 31 year old adventurer, artist and filmmaker.

He is an experienced kayaker, and has previously worked in Venezuela as a senior guide and kayak instructor. He loves drawing, filming, kayaking, fishing, and living in the wild.

Thor says about the trip: I’m excited about what animals we get to see, and then I hope for good weather.