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SAILAU film at EXPO 2021 DUBAI

Our upcoming documentary film SAILAU will be representing the nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in Dubai later this year, together with our award-winning book SALT WATER AND SPEAR TIPS.

It is a huge honour to be working with the PNG Embassy and the PNG Tourism Authority on this great event, which is estimated to attract 25 million visitors.

You can support the project and learn more about the film on the Documentary Australia Foundation website.

Expedition Book of the Year 2020

Wohoo! I’m proud to announce that our book Salt Water and Spear Tips, was awarded Expedition Book of the Year at NAFF|Bookaward, under the Nordic Adventure Film Festival – NAFF.

You can order a copy of the book here Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AUS

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Dreaming of making an adventure film or book? Enter it at NAFF next year.

SAILAU documentary film

We are proud to announce that Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF), The National Kenu & Kundu Festival (NKKF) and Papua New Guinea National Film Institute are supporting the production of SAILAU.

And that we have a broadcast agreement with EMTV Papua New Guinea.

Read more on the SAILAU page

Support the project and get your name in the credits:

Links: National Kenu and Kundu Festival, Papua New Guinea National Film Institute, EMTV, DAF

Summoned by the Kula Chiefs

Join the Adventures of Justin and Sanakoli and support the traditional cultures of Papua New Guinea.

On the phone to Papua New Guinea, I spoke with Sanakoli John (one of the three master sailors from our New Guinea circumnavigation).

Sanakoli told me that him and his brother Justin John, together with our proud canoe Tawali Pasana, had been summoned to a Kula* meeting by a Chief on Woodlark Island.

#pastryfriday Videos

“Hello pastry prospector!” During this pandemic it is important to remember to take a break once in a while and be good to yourself.

That’s why I started making these weekly #pastryfriday videos where I enjoy a pastry while exploring Alice Springs in Central Australia.

“I eat a pastry every Friday, to reward myself for a good weeks work. You should do the same – because you deserve it!” – Thor F. Jensen.

Hashtag #pastryfriday to share your special pastry moment.
And remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos.

Interview on We Get Outdoors

Thor on We Get Outdoors Podcast

Interview with the “Joe Rogan of outdoor podcasts” Rob Yates. I tell about my journey into adventure and the book Salt Water and Spear Tips.

You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast here.

Redefining Adventure

Through my years of adventure, I have reflected on why we go out and risk our lives in pursuit of the unknown and I am continually evolving my philosophy – Redefining Adventure.

I think it is about time we break away from the old colonial tropes of what adventure is about and bring it into the 21st century. 

In thinking about what gives adventure meaning and purpose, I hope to bring people into adventure. Redefining adventure is about: 

  1. Inclusion. Adventure needs to be accessible to other people, there needs to be some “takeaways” – lessons that people can implement in their own lives.     
  2. Culture. We need to see and experience adventure through different cultures. Often stories are told from the perspective of ‘Westerners’, but it is important to hear the voices of the people we meet and how they understand adventure. 
  3. Purpose.  If you can put together a great project, like an expedition, it should serve a higher purpose, beyond the individual self. This purpose can also help you to persevere in face of disaster. 

Adventure can be many different things; these three points guide and give meaning to my pursuits and I hope they will inspire you too. 

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