From graffiti artist to world record-holding adventurer

Thor F. Jensen, Darwin 2022. Credit: Reelwire Productions

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hero? That was all I dreamt of as a kid and, being quite artistic, I would always draw stories of heroes.

At the age of 12 I started painting graffiti – all over Copenhagen – my goal was to become a famous graffiti artist. At the age of 21 I had reached my goal, through persistence and innovation.

I started to realize that my graffiti did little good for broader society and that a true hero would spend their potential to serve the greater humankind. 

Instead, I got into adventure. As a tour guide in the jungles of South America I could share my knowledge and give people unforgettable experiences, but still, it wasn’t my calling.

High in the Bolivian Andes I met an artist who made me realize the medium of film could unite everything I love: art, adventure, nature, people and storytelling.

After producing two award-winning kayak films, I set out on The World’s First Circumnavigation of the Island of New Guinea in a Traditional Sailing Canoe.  

Through this world-record expedition, I wanted to tell a contemporary story of New Guinea and challenge colonial stereotypes.

On this voyage I started to developed my philosophy: Redefining Adventure.

For me, this means making adventure accessible and inclusive, centring the voices of other cultures and contributing to a higher purpose beyond the individual.

Sometimes becoming a hero is less about wearing lycra and more about finding your purpose. I invite you to join the journey of Redefining Adventure.