I have received the great honor of representing Skim Kayaks of Findland. I remember when the first Skim Kayaks (Dex and Distance) came out in 2003. With their sharp lines, innovative design and bold stripes, they stood out from everything else on the market, bringing the sea kayak design into the 21st century. It was love at first sight, but they are more than just looks, Skim produces some seaworthy and versatile kayaks that can handle the beatings that the sea gives – as my recent trip to Bornholm is an excellent example of. In my opinion. Skim is some of the coolest sea kayaks on the market and I’m very proud to be a part of their new team.

Skim has a small range of high-end Sea kayaks that are crafted in Finland. Check them out at: Skimkayaks.com