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Gennem Grand Canyon – Det Vildeste Eventyr

Gennem Grand Canyon – Det Vildeste Eventyr. Premiere September 1. 2022 on Discovery+ Denmark.

After making my own adventure films for 10 years, I finally got my first job as TV-host. I’m the expedition leader on a reality-adventure tv show on Discovery+ Denmark.

This is not your ordinary survival show. This is a celebration of adventure: how the powers of nature can enrich and change us.

During a 16 day expedition of wild rapids and stunning landscapes, 6 celebrities; Jesper Nøddesbo, Andreas Jessen, Ibi Støving, Skinz and Anne-Marie Rindom, learns to embrace the magic of nature and work together to make it through.

As a new tv host I was nervous in the beginning, but I soon realised it was more or less the same as being a tour guide: share your passion and make sure everyone has the adventure of a lifetime.

And of course, it also helped that I have shot my own adventure documentaries, learn about the latest here SAILAU

Thor’s contribution to Danish book on Expedition and Adventure. Den Yderste Grænse.

Den Yderste Grænse, Redaktør: Bjørn Harvig. Gads Forlag Maj 2022.

I had the honour of writing a chapter for this new compilation of spectacular expeditions undertaken by both Danish and international adventurers through the centuries.

My chapter is on the crossing of Cenderawashi Bay during our Circumnavigation of New Guinea, one of the most frightening experiences of my life.

The books title translates: “The furthest border/limit” Editor Bjørn Harvig, published (in Danish only) by Gads Forlag. Available from 25 May 2022.

The Paradox of Consumption – article in WILD Magazine #183

Fact is that the outdoor appeal we consume is damaging the very nature that we love to explore.

Most outdoor media is (partially) funded by outdoor brands through advertisements. Hence critiquing these companies can be a delicate matter, luckily WILD magazine recognised the importance of this issue and printed my article.

If you wish to read my proposed solutions to this paradox (like buying second hand or renting gear) then look for WILD #183 magazine in your Australian newsstand.

SAILAU film at EXPO 2021 DUBAI

Our upcoming documentary film SAILAU will be representing the nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in Dubai later this year, together with our award-winning book SALT WATER AND SPEAR TIPS.

It is a huge honour to be working with the PNG Embassy and the PNG Tourism Authority on this great event, which is estimated to attract 25 million visitors.

You can support the project and learn more about the film on the Documentary Australia Foundation website.

Expedition Book of the Year 2020

Wohoo! I’m proud to announce that our book Salt Water and Spear Tips, was awarded Expedition Book of the Year at NAFF|Bookaward, under the Nordic Adventure Film Festival – NAFF.

You can order a copy of the book here Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AUS

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Dreaming of making an adventure film or book? Enter it at NAFF next year.

SAILAU documentary film

We are proud to announce that Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF), The National Kenu & Kundu Festival (NKKF) and Papua New Guinea National Film Institute are supporting the production of SAILAU.

And that we have a broadcast agreement with EMTV Papua New Guinea.

Read more on the SAILAU page

Support the project and get your name in the credits:

Links: National Kenu and Kundu Festival, Papua New Guinea National Film Institute, EMTV, DAF

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