Through my years of adventure, I have reflected on why we go out and risk our lives in pursuit of the unknown and I am continually evolving my philosophy – Redefining Adventure.

I think it is about time we break away from the old colonial tropes of what adventure is about and bring it into the 21st century. 

In thinking about what gives adventure meaning and purpose, I hope to bring people into adventure. Redefining adventure is about: 

  1. Inclusion. Adventure needs to be accessible to other people, there needs to be some “takeaways” – lessons that people can implement in their own lives.     
  2. Culture. We need to see and experience adventure through different cultures. Often stories are told from the perspective of ‘Westerners’, but it is important to hear the voices of the people we meet and how they understand adventure. 
  3. Purpose.  If you can put together a great project, like an expedition, it should serve a higher purpose, beyond the individual self. This purpose can also help you to persevere in face of disaster. 

Adventure can be many different things; these three points guide and give meaning to my pursuits and I hope they will inspire you too.