Salty Sideburns is an award winning adventure film, about two friends attempt to kayak from Copenhagen to Bornholm – the easternmost island in Denmark.

Salty Sideburns – The Baltic Kayak Quest (Directors Cut) – Trailer from Thor F. Jensen on Vimeo.

Watch hereSalty Sideburns International version at Vimeo

Watch here: Salty Sideburns Danish version at Vimeo



Bornholm is a remote island, governed by Denmark and guarded by the unpredictable swells of the Baltic Sea. It’s the perfect challenge for the two Sea kayakers Kay and Thor. What begins as idyllic outdoor adventure up the Swedish coastline soon turns into a battle against waves, fog and depression. And the two friends will have to turn to unconventional methods if they want to make the 24-mile crossing to Bornholm.                                              It’s a sea-kayaking movie about friendship, adventure and magic.


About the Film

Salty Sideburns started as an 7 episode web series. Which later was converted into a            38 min. film. The film premiered in December 2013 at Danish Adventure Film Festival (D.A.F.F.) Where it was awarded “Best Danish Adventure Film 2013”.

The Danish version will be available on Vimeo on Demand from Dec 2014.

An english version has been submitted to several international festivals.

Production year: 2012/2013

Language: Danish

Run time: 38. Minutes.

Director and producer: Thor F. Jensen

Actors: Kay Polaniok, Thor F. Jensen

Score: Fresh-IBjørn Fred JensenFrederik TiegeGangrena Surf ( click on artist to learn more)