Apparently the Chief on Woodlark had said, “enough with people coming and telling stories of the Tawali Pasana, we must invite the sailors to our meeting, and see the canoe, and hear the sailors tell their story.”

This is of course a great honour and recognition of the sailing skills of Justin and Sanakoli. So far, 18 canoes will participate and Chiefs from the islands of Dawson, Koraiwa and Tewa Tewa will be attending. A beautiful sign of the legacy of our great voyage.

But is also a long voyage, 231 kilometres of open sea, where the sailors must leave their families for an extended period. Therefore, the sailors humbly call on you, the Fellowship of the Tawali Pasana, for your donations to purchase provisions and food for their families.

You can donate through PayPal. Danes can also use Mobile Pay: 29937593.

I will transfer the full amount to Sanakoli and keep all doners updated via an exclusive email. Donations close 14 September 2020.   

The Kula meeting takes place in October/November. You can stay updated by subscribing to my Newsletter, Facebook and follow Sanakoli John on his Facebook.

*If you are unfamiliar with the Kula concept, then here’s an excerpt from our book Salt Water and Spear Tips: 

“The islanders in the Milne Bay region stay connected through the Kula Exchange Ring, a system that establishes and maintains relations of reciprocity, which is still alive today. (…)A person can have one or more kula partners and through kula relationships people can exchange food, arrange a bride price or settle disputes. But as Job had told me, it was also about being a well-spoken and, maybe even cunning, negotiator. What I later realised was that the kula spirit was also part of our journey as we formed relationships across the island of New Guinea. “