Gennem Grand Canyon – Det Vildeste Eventyr. Premiere September 1. 2022 on Discovery+ Denmark.

After making my own adventure films for 10 years, I finally got my first job as TV-host. I’m the expedition leader on a reality-adventure tv show on Discovery+ Denmark.

This is not your ordinary survival show. This is a celebration of adventure: how the powers of nature can enrich and change us.

During a 16 day expedition of wild rapids and stunning landscapes, 6 celebrities; Jesper Nøddesbo, Andreas Jessen, Ibi Støving, Skinz and Anne-Marie Rindom, learns to embrace the magic of nature and work together to make it through.

As a new tv host I was nervous in the beginning, but I soon realised it was more or less the same as being a tour guide: share your passion and make sure everyone has the adventure of a lifetime.

And of course, it also helped that I have shot my own adventure documentaries, learn about the latest here SAILAU